Finally after years of teasing us with her huge boobs and sexy clothes Tila Tequila has gone all out and done a lesbian video. Get ready to see the naughtiest, raunchiest celebrity sex tape to come out. This girl doesn’t hold back, she makes sure her and her friend(s) get to taste her body and she makes sure she gets to taste them too. There has been rumors about a sex tape from Miss Tila Tequila and even a few look-a-likes out there but there is only one real Tila Tequila sex tape. And this isn’t no Paris Hilton blurry night vision sex tape, this is done in high quality with an HD camera that lets you see every detail on Tila Tequila and her friends’ bodies. Check out the pictures from the video below and click on them to see a little video clip from the movie!

Click on the pictures above or click here to see the full video!

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